The Great Lakes Book Project is just what it sounds like: a book about The Great Lakes. But it’s not something boring, not a dry book of facts and figures- rather it’s a preservation of memories. It’s over 20 personal accounts and essays, memories about driving down the water and letting the sublime shoreline overtake you, stories about how the lakes have changed the authors and the people they know. It’s a simple project, it wasn’t funded by any corporate interests or a publishing giant and all the work for it was done entirely in the Great Lakes region. It was printed in Benton Harbor, Michigan (thanks again to all the helpful people at Patterson Printing!) and was published through Felix Exi, a small publishing entity (and the brainchild of editor Walter Blake Knoblock) located in Traverse City, Michigan.


The Great Lakes Book Project is more than just paper and ink; it’s an idea. It’s the embodiment of all those summers and spring and falls and winters spend in the upper-midwest- but most of all it’s a beautifully written book. One that wouldn’t mind being added to your collection.


On top of that, every month we will be donating 15% of our proceeds to a charity that supports The Great Lakes or literacy- to see who our most recent check goes to, check out our blog.