The Great Lakes Book Project is looking for submissions from anyone who has a story to tell. It can be happy, it can be sad, it can be a memory that you’re worried will fade away if it’s not passed on; whatever it is, we are eager to help you share it with the world. Please e-mail (as attachments) finished and editited copies to If what you’ve written is chosen to be in the final copy, you will recieve your own copy of the book as well as reprint rights. Any content editing will be a collaborative process between the editor and the author and will be done transparently and before the work is accepted into the project.

  • Amanda

    I do not have a story but saw your ad on craigslist in Toledo. I highly recommend putting the same ad in the Northern Michigan craigslist,specifically Rogers City location. That is where I grew up and spent 18 of my 20 years. There was a freighter from there that sank over by Traverse City and only had two or three survivors. I’m sure you can get lots of stories about freighters and the Carl D. Bradley. Also, there is a movie about the incident, November Requiem. Hope I helped! Love my Lake Huron town!

  • J. Conrad Guest

    A wonderful idea. Look for my submission shortly.

  • Hannah Ellsworth

    Such a wonderful idea, and a great opportunity to bring together the collected tales of such a beautiful community! I’m so happy the deadline has been extended, otherwise I would’ve seen this too late!

    • wknoblock

      Wonderful! I look forward to your submission! The sooner it gets in the better as the past few weeks we’ve been flooded with pieces.

  • Susan B. Anderson

    I remember in the early eighties boating on Lake Erie near the Hammermill paper plant and the water looked like florescent-green anti-freeze the size of a football field.
    Our Presque Isle State Park and Bird Sanctuary is the epitome of natural beauty and balance. The green water has been gone and our beaches are beautiful.
    This year marked the VERY FIRST concert on the beach with Crosby Stills and Nash, on a balmy summer evening, stars in the sky boats floating and the waves whispering echoes of the music.

  • Susan B. Anderson

    Can I send you my resume? I am a highly experienced graphic artist and print communication specialist. I would love to volunteer or even be hired to play a part in the layout and design of your publication! I’m also an Erie native, living in the country ten minutes North, and visit our Presque Isle State Park with my children quite often!

    • wknoblock


      I’m not sure what more there is to do- but if anything comes up we’d love to get in contact with you (as well as work for future projects).