Buffalo Newspaper Opinion Article Lauds Lake Erie, Shows Concerns for Ecological Health

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Buffalo Newspaper Opinion Article Lauds Lake Erie, Shows Concerns for Ecological Health

The Great Lakes are an amazing natural resource, and no one respects them more than Cheryl Peluso. In an opinion piece published in on March 23rd in the Buffalo News, she explains about how her daughter and daughter’s husband, visiting from El Paso, stood in awe on the shores of Lake Erie.

“I think my son-in-law captured in that comment what we fail to appreciate about where we live. Of course, every place on earth is unique, but ours is, I believe, very special. We have not just one but two of the five Great Lakes close at hand. They provide this seemingly endless amount of fresh water. Of course, the view meant even more to a couple coming from West Texas. Instead of water they have desert.” She said, going on to mention “The view when flying into El Paso is little different from looking at a child’s sandbox. And in the Southwest, lack of water is becoming an ever-increasing problem. The two biggest water storage areas, Lakes Mead and Powell, are each down more than 100 feet from full capacity.”

Later in the article, she explains about the ecological stresses being placed on the lakes, especially Lake Erie which has “dead zones in the lake where the oxygen is depleted to the point at which no aquatic life can exist. Despite the work of people like Sharen Trembath, who annually clean our beaches, we have a build-up of plastic microbeads in the water. Asian carp threaten to join other invasive species like zebra and quagga mussels, round gobies and sea lamprey. Botulism is killing aquatic birds. And this winter, waterfowl were dying of starvation along the frozen lake.”

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